Freedom is a hip hop musical about unjust conviction.



It is a criticism of the current criminal justice system.


We see how an innocent man – DZ (played by Maino) is misidentified, tricked into confessing and given little real defense by an overworked, underpaid, public defenders, office who when confronted by the prosecution with an “ID” and a “confession” folds so the PD can go on to other cases more “winnable”.


The rest of the play shows the attempts by his loyal sister (who know he is innocent) to get DZ’s conviction overturned, and have his freedom restored.


The musical has a book written by Patrick Blake, with lyrics by Chi-Ill and music by Manny “3-60 tha Mack” Escalante and Omar Zamora.


It is one of the first musicals to use only hip hop, with songs written especially for the musical.